clarification regarding the contest

We are aware there has been lot of talks thru blogs and tweets outside about the contest.
we would like to clarify a few things.
We  apologize for the delay in delivering the device but,we have put our best efforts in
procuring them.In fact, we have placed the contestants above our own team members who are
yet to receive their devices from past six months.
Since we honour our commitment to the contest.
We agree there was some delay with our communication with contestants on a one on one basis
but, we had made an announcement about it and had even sent out a mail to the winner that
there would be a possible delay.As for allegation that we did a "close source contest"
in a open source event it is untrue .
We did clarify in our blog that the code needn't be written beginning from scratch.
 It'd have been a hard rule, had the contestants been told that they cannot port existing apps.
The announcement about the contest was made on the first day of and not everybody would
come out with writing an app within 5 days of FOSS.
The idea was to help everybody understand the easiness in writing/porting apps
onto our Maemo platform and the fun involved in it may it be a Qt app or a GTK+ app.
We have neither reused the code or used the application for commercial purposes.
we have requested all the contestants to provide their code at a common place
or upload it somewhere which link we could direct to the blog.
We believe that they are matured individuals who believe
in contributing to a community voluntarily and are self motivated.
Our motive of the contest was to get more people to have a feel of our platform
and have as many as winners as possible.
We haven't reused used these applications for any purpose of ours.
Infact we have not even achieved much of  contribution to the device
since they haven't been even put to the Maemo community garage inspite of our requests.
Lastly, hopefully all the winner do like our device
and appreciate Maemo Bangalores efforts to prioritize N900 devices handout to them.
We do hope that we continue this relationship forward.


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