maemo hack results

We received around 10 entries. All of them were exceptionally good.  we cant have all winners though .so here are the winners

1.Gajim port  by Thobias Mueller

2. Lite Speed by Abhijit Bera

3. Shop Mate by  Amith Sethi

4. Cilantro  by Girish Ramakrishnan

5. Mpuzzle by Ramulu

All the winners will be shipped N900 devices soon.  winners pls mail your postal address to maemo(dash)bangalore(at)nokia(dot)com


3 Responses to “maemo hack results”

  1. Girish Says:

    Can you post the links to the actual code? Or make it available for download?

  2. maemo-bangalore N900 contest « The ForwardBias Blog Says:

    […] That didn’t happen either. After a few tweets and poking a nokia friend, the results were announced on 11 Dec 2009. No mail to winners, no notification on when we will get the devices. Just the blog. […]

  3. radixal Says:

    thanks for sharing, very interesting information ..

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